how to cleanse your aura

How to Cleanse your Aura using Essential Oils and Aura Mists

Have you ever been around someone who made you nervous? Or someone who you’ve just met, but you feel like you’ve known them forever? Have you felt discomfort in a place for no obvious reason? That’s the energy you’re feeling, and your intuition is telling you something isn’t right for you here.

Everything, even inanimate objects, exude energy, which our aura and intuitions tap into these energies to help guide us through our lives. Your aura and others’ auras are constantly sending and feeding back information as triggers and evaluations for your inner self and your environment.

Aural energy is quite an in-depth study, and I encourage you to pursue much more knowledge about it, but in order to keep things light and introductory, we’re going to stick with the Basic 101 of Auras.

This is a guest post from Jamie of Moon Magic Rituals whose Aura Mists will be used at Harvest Retreats even Rooted in Phoenix at the end of September. Take it away Jamie!

What is an aura?

The aura is your body’s manifestation of your inner feelings, producing a visual color-field of electromagnetic energy that surrounds your entire body.

The concept of the aura dates back to the Middle Ages, where artists and painters depict the aura as light encompassing the body. It is your projection – the feelings and vibrations you are sending out to the world and to other people you come in contact with.

The Aura represents many layers of yourself, so it is vital to take care of yourself inside and out. There are many ways to care for yourself – mind, body, and spirit - and Aura Cleansing is recommended to help you maintain a healthy, vibrant state of being.

What is Aura Cleansing and how do I do it?

Cleansing your aura can be a full ritual like a deep spring cleaning, or quick maintenance to get yourself back on track in a moment of unpleasantries or straying. I recommend both. 

The upkeep cleansing is proactive to keep yourself tidy, the deep cleaning is an act of incredible self-love and self-care and you’re worth spending the time on

How you choose to cleanse is completely personal and you should do what feels good and feels right. Try different rituals, explore what’s out there, do some reading on how to find your inner balance, because we all feel things differently.

A few common suggestions for cleansing and promoting a healthy aura are: meditation, journaling, sound, essential oils, bathing, crystals, getting out in nature, or even just being physical.

For this post we'll focus on essential oils!

how to cleanse your aura

The power of scent

Aromatherapy dates back to the earliest of recorded history and was used by ancient civilizations including the Egyptians. The sense of smell plays an important role in the physiological effects of mood, stress, and working capacity. This makes scent one of your most powerful senses and we as humans figured that out long before modern science got involved.

Through evidence-based techniques, such as EEGs and MRIs, scientific researchers have proven aroma has a profound and obvious effect on the brain. Aroma chemicals can produce responses such as alertness and calmness. Scent is also a helpful tool in memory recall, whether it be for studying or reminding you of a good (or even bad) memory. 

Using Essential Oil for Aromatherapy

Essential oils are composed of dozens of natural chemicals, all with their own unique benefits, and the most prized and popular oils are so because they emanate the most aromatherapeutic benefits. Why does the smell of a rose feel so pleasing and sweet and warm? Because you interpret it that way based on the chemical reactions inside your brain. Lavender’s chemical composition is calming to the mind because we are designed to be responsive that specific way to it. 

However, because we are human, we can develop preferences, too. We may also develop negative feelings towards a positive scent due to external factors. If Lavender reminds you of someone you do not care for or a time or experience that was rough, it can override the calming effect and produce a negative emotion or response. This is normal and you do not need to feel like you have to “figure out a way to benefit” from something you don’t like.

Essential Oils can be very personal so try different scents until you find the ones you connect with on a personal level. I’ve used them for a long time and while I have grown to love most of the variations, I do not like Lemongrass. I just can’t get on board with it, so don’t feel pressured to use something that doesn’t resonate with you

Using essential oils for aura cleansing

Using essential oils is one of my favorite ways to keep myself cleansed, grounded, and balanced. 

Essential oils are a powerful gift from nature. Before the advent of modern medicine, plants were the go-to for medicinal and healing powers, and many traditionalists and naturopaths still use them today. 

Enveloping yourself in Lavender, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Chamomile, Frankincense, or many others will naturally help your mind and spirit to release toxic energy. However, you not only need to rid your negative energy, but you should replace it with positive energy to regain your healthy balance. 

how to cleanse your aura

Feel Your Energy

If you apply your oil and feel a boost of energetic vibes, let it flow through you. Let it pulse through your body and recognize the sensation and emotions and just enjoy it for a few minutes. You will train your brain to respond much more quickly and be open to the transition of your feelings and mindset.

If you feel a little whimsy and loving, let it flow! Let the oils inspire your mind and bring out the positivity we crave in our daily lives. They are truly magical if you take the time to let them truly work their purpose through you.

If you’re new to oils, sit with them when you start using them. Really feel how they make you feel, don’t just spritz it around and move on. Our brains know how to block things out when we do not choose to focus on them and if you don’t allow yourself to meld with the oils, you may not reap the complete aromatherapeutic benefits. 

This is also a good trick to learn with everything in life. Take the time, really feel, really appreciate, really soak in those moments. Practicing mindfulness will change your entire perspective and it is worth the minimal work required – just slow down and feel.

Why Use A Mist?

I prefer to use essential oil mists as they not only cleanse your body, but the space around you as well as they drift through the air. They can also be used quickly and in most any situation, which is ideal in this busy world we live in. 

Spritzing a little Aura Mist is a powerful way to maintain a balance. Aura Mists come in many variations, depending on the mood and balance you are trying to achieve. 

3 Types of Aura Mists

  1. If you need to feel clear-minded and ready to focus on work, school, or a task, find a mist that promotes this energy with Rosemary, Citrus, Basil, and/or Eucalyptus. 
  2. If you need a little boost of self-love and romance vibes, try Rose, Jasmine, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Sage, and/or Sandalwood. 
  3. If you just need some calm energy during a hectic time (we all have too many of those, right?), Vanilla, Lavender, Chamomile, and Clary Sage are all ultimate go-tos. 

Most Aura Mists are descriptive and let you know what mood and purpose they are formulated to provide, so you don’t need a lot of essential oil knowledge to get started.

Using an Aura Mist can not only cleanse your aura but also help to initiate a different mindset, so your inner spirit is lifted and shifted into the direction you need to be.

Final Thoughts

Your aura is precious.

Keeping yourself balanced, grounded, and healthy should be at the top of your priority list and is never selfish. Keeping yourself in a healthy state will extend positivity and optimism into all areas of your life, and will project an uplifting, loving aura onto others. It can help you deal with challenging and overwhelming times but, most importantly, you learn to appreciate what life is offering you in every little moment.

how to cleanse your aura

Further Reading and Resources

If you’d like to explore essential oils and Aura Mists further, feel free to pop into my shop at I’m also happy to answer any questions you may have or recommend products for your pursuits.

I encourage you to read further into Auras; how to see them, layers, chakra relations, and color meanings. A good start resource is :

Additionally, if you’re into the science, here are a few NCBI articles concerning how the olfactory system affects the rest of your body systems, and more clinical aromatherapy information:

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Jamie was introduced to essential oils during a difficult time in her life over a decade ago. After many years of research, and incorporating them into her own daily life and rituals, Jamie experienced a profound change in her mental health and an overwhelming positive perspective on life that she never thought possible.

Jamie shares her rituals and experiences through her Etsy shop and with anyone who cares to listen. Essential Oils are the roots to Jamie’s life of mindfulness and rituals, and she encourages anyone and everyone to experiment with them and experience the life-changing benefits they possess.

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