Sustainable Self Care

Mindful self-care and ways to achieve it

Spoiler alert, it's not all about the lavender bath bombs, the expensive face masks, or the over-the-top memory foam pillow that just went on sale. While these can be helpful components to add to our space, self-care is more complex.

From a social, emotional, psychical, spiritual, and intellectual level, the concept of self-care can be comprised of many aspects of our life. But overall, it's the focus on intentional mindfulness that can have a direct correlation to your health and wellness.

Sustainable Self-Care

We all know that life can get pretty demanding at times. Especially these days, everything we do can have an overwhelming effect on our minds and body. While it can get incredibly busy, and naturally, you may feel like you've been too busy to take care of yourself properly, it's imperative to protect your energy. Between work, school, caring for our families, and just simply figuring it all out, this constant worry makes it that much harder to find time for active self-care. But the truth is, the benefits are undeniable when you incorporate a balanced routine dedicated to taking care of your mind, body, and energy.

Depending on your personal needs, these practices can be helpful in ensuring you're in a good headspace that is impactful for you, as well as others in your surroundings.

Sustainable Self-Care

Take Time to Reclaim Power in the Day 

Waking up to start the day can already feel like a daunting task. But when we change the narrative about how we approach each day, we can begin to accept peace for what's ahead. For some, this can be in the form of meditation, yoga, or quiet time spent at your desk. By taking back the power from overwhelming plans, daily to-dos, and doubtful thoughts that plague our minds, we acknowledge our own control. 

Before you start turning the wheels of everything that can possibly happen in the next 24 hours, take time each day to let go of the expectations. The self-care practice of reclaiming your power can increase emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and gratitude, all while connecting you to your inner self. Who wouldn't want to enter the day with such power? 

Reduce Outside Influences

We live in a world where everyone is more connected than ever before, and while this can be great in some ways, it's become excessive noise for the mind. When we take on too many voices, opinions, and energies, it makes it nearly impossible to protect our own. Allowing all of these thoughts to enter our mental sanctuaries can bring about some harmful outcomes. This can be in the form of comparison or caring too much about what others think. It doesn't mean we're bad people, but it does mean that we're placing way too much stock into other people's lives rather than protecting and fueling our energy. The truth is, other people's opinions of us are really none of our business. Their opinions shouldn't dictate what we do or how we care for ourselves. 

Reduce outside influences by standing firm in your truth and your value. In time, you'll strengthen this self-care muscle and know yourself well enough to reject such thoughts. It's such a freeing experience when you begin to stop worrying about what others think of you because it no longer holds power over how you feel about yourself. 

Create A Sustainable Self-Care Kit 

Now here is where some of those bath bombs or pillows may come in handy. When we begin this journey towards mindful self-care, there's no way to predict the bumps in the road. Even when we take the time to make boundaries, shift our thinking, and reclaim power, there are things we can do on a consistent basis to keep us balanced and present. By creating a sustainable self-care kit, we reinforce the messages we need to hear the most. 

Depending on your journey, self-care kits can look different for everyone. Regardless of the task, it's important that this kit supports your emotional health and nourishes, uplifts, and empowers your mind. Whether it's journaling, unwinding with a thoughtful bath routine, meditating with crystals, or protecting your energy through smudging, there are many different kits to explore. The key component required for each practice or ritual is to be clear on what you want to achieve and keep that in mind as you use the kit.

Sustainable Self-Care

Final Thoughts

Mindful self-care takes time to establish, no matter where you are in life. Even when you think you have it all figured out, there may come a time when you need to revamp your approach. When you start to invest your time and energy in taking care of yourself, it can truly change your life for the best. By learning how to connect with your inner self and what brings you peace, it becomes full circle for the person you've always wanted to become.

What items from the shop would go into your self-care kit?

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