what is aura photography

What is an aura and how do you take a picture of it?

Aura photography is where my love of data and research combines with my curiosity about self-care practices combine.

But before we get into that... what in an aura? and what is aura photography?

This is a guest post from Monika George who will be taking before and after (or as we evaluators like to say pre and post) photos of our auras at the Harvest Retreats even Rooted in Phoenix at the end of September.

what is aura photography

Your aura is your human energy field and an aura photo provides us visualization of our energy.

Your first aura photo can be a profound experience and the first time you've seen yourself as an energetic being.

Everyone has one or two aura colors that resonate with them most. This color can be considered "their aura color" and will show up in photos consistently.

However, your aura can change from time to time as a result of personal growth and engaging with different energies, emotions, and experiences (travel, celebrations, loss, self-care, love, etc).

Getting your aura photo taken aka checking in on your energy is important so you can see how your emotions are manifesting, connect with intention to beneficial energies and validate your inner knowing.

Aura photos change our awareness of our energy and are critical for self-care and self-awareness. 

what is aura photography

Monika George is an aura photographer, tarot reader, certified sound healing practitioner + aromatherapist, astrologer, and intuitive currently based in Phoenix, Arizona. Monika’s psychic ability is channeled through her aura and tarot readings.

Monika grew up with a cosmic mindset and has been studying astrology and energy work since she was old enough to read the many books her mother kept on the subjects. Monika believes the more you understand the story the planets and stars have written for you, the more you can connect to acting with intention.

Monika’s great-grandmother was known in her village in Poland for her readings and this ancestral magic handed down through generations of women in her family is a huge aspect of what informs her own magic.

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