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Full Moon in September: What does the 2022 Harvest Moon Mean?

Welcome to the harvest moon!

If you're wondering what's going on with the super-bright full moon, wonder no more.

We're going to dive into all things "harvest" and "moon"—and reveal how you can harness this energy to reach your goals, find inner peace, and stay grounded.

So read on for answers to all of your questions about this month's celestial event.

harvest moon crystals

What is the meaning of the harvest moon?

The harvest moon is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox, usually falling in late September or early October. 

The term "harvest" itself comes from Anglo-Saxon words that mean "to gather," and has been around since at least 1400 BC when it was used by people living in Assyria (modern day Iraq).

The autumnal equinox occurs when night and day are approximately equal length; it marks the end of summer and beginning of fall - the start of a new season for farmers.

This year, the Harvest Moon falls in September on the 10th, but the Autumnal Equinox won't be until September 22nd.

What about September's full moon?

September’s full moon is almost always called the Harvest Moon because it is usually the full moon that falls closest to the autumnal equinox. If October's moon is closer to the autumn equinox (which is not the case for 2022), then October's moon is the harvest moon (instead of the Hunter's Moon) and September's moon is called the Corn Moon.

The full moon can be a good time to cleanse and purify your space, as well as do some lunar clearing and crystal charging.

How does the moon's phase affect our body, mind and spirit?

The moon's phases affect us in many ways. 

You might also notice that this full-moon phase makes it easier to connect with your intuition—you may feel more relaxed as you move through your day, or find yourself feeling more connected with others than usual.

Be sure not to take these feelings for granted; rather, use them as an opportunity for reflection on how far you've come since last fall!


Harvest moon energy

Harvest Moon energy is powerful, healing, grounding, nourishing and cleansing.

The harvest moon is a time of abundance and growth, which can be both physical and spiritual. If you're planning to work on yourself this season, the harvest moon will help you make progress towards your goals without feeling drained or burned out.

This can be a great time to gain clarity on your goals and intentions for the future but also reflect on where you have been this year. Harvest moon energy is a good time to keep things simple while nourishing yourself with healthy food choices that will help you feel grounded, balanced, and peaceful during these cold, dark winter months ahead in the Northern Hemisphere.

So if you're feeling like taking some time out to reflect upon yourself or your life right now then this might just be the perfect opportunity do so!

Crystals to use during the harvest moon

The harvest moon is a time of abundance and plenty, so it makes sense that you’d want to surround yourself with crystals that will bring out the best in you.

harvest moon crystals

You can use these crystals to help you achieve goals, get through difficult times, or just feel good about yourself.

Here are some crystals you might want to try!

  • Power crystals: These include amethyst and tiger’s eye. They help us focus our energy on achieving our goals and make us feel strong as we go after them. If there are things in your life that are weighing down your soul or keeping you from feeling happy and free, these types of stones can help shake those feelings off so they don't hang around anymore!
  • Healing gems: Clear quartz is perfect for this purpose—it's known for its healing properties! Use this gemstone when you need some extra love on your journey through life; it'll give you lots of positive vibes and keep negativity away from where it shouldn't be (in other words: away from inside).
  • Grounding gems: Hematite is great for grounding because it helps with mental clarity too--which means less confusion about what exactly needs doing next or why something isn't working out the way we wanted...and more confidence in ourselves because things actually do turn out okay despite how stressful they seem right now."

So, how can we use the harvest moon's meaning and crystals to make the most of the autumnal equinox?

The harvest moon is a great time to reflect on what you’ve done and what you want to do next.

For those of us who are trying to manifest something new in our lives, it’s a wonderful opportunity to tap into the energy of this powerful moon. If you want to make some changes or start working towards a goal, this is your chance! You can harness this energy by setting intentions throughout the day or even just doing one thing differently than usual (like your daily routine).

If you feel stuck in life, don’t worry because we all go through phases where things seem harder than normal; however there are ways around that too!

Try asking yourself these questions every night before bedtime: What am I grateful for today? How can I improve myself tomorrow? Who do I need more time with today? Make sure these questions come from within as opposed to being influenced by other people or external expectations - if possible try journaling about them first.

Harvest Moon Crystals

A small online crystal shop like mine offers an array of unique crystals that will enhance your life during this special time. Visit my website - I'd love to help you find something beautiful!

Harnessing the energy of the harvest moon can help you reach your goals, find inner peace and stay grounded.

harvest moon crystals

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