The Real Reason You're Not Seeing Results When You Manifest

The Real Reason You're Not Seeing Results When You Manifest

Manifesting is an opportunity for you to put your intentions towards what you’re hoping for. (You can learn more about what manifesting is and how to do it in this blog). 

But what happens when manifestation doesn’t work? How soon should you expect to receive results? What do you do when you don’t receive results? How can you best set realistic expectations when manifesting?

All of these questions (and more) may be running through your mind when it comes to manifesting, and I want to help you tackle them. 

The Real Reason You're Not Seeing Results When You Manifest

Before I jump into, if you aren’t familiar with manifesting or how to manifest, I do urge you to read the blog that I linked above. It’s going to help you better understand the basics of manifesting. This blog is more for people who feel like they’ve tried manifesting but they’re stuck, or for people who may be skeptical of the results because they aren’t receiving them as quickly as they expected.

How soon should you expect to receive results?

So, you might not like this answer, but the time that someone expects to receive results completely differs depending on the situation.

Your intentions and goals are going to impact how long it takes for you to receive results. 

The most important part about manifesting, when it comes to timelines, is to avoid expecting things to just magically fall into place instantly. Or, I like how this blog puts it, “Don’t expect exactly what you want to just fall into your lap.” Instead, you should trust that the universe has a better plan for you.

Okay, but how does this impact timeline?

You can set timelines when you’re manifesting, with the intention to receive results within those timelines, but you can’t guarantee that it’s going to happen. 

Manifesting isn’t about controlling your life, it’s about putting your intentions towards your goals. When you manifest, you’re not just magically making things happen, instead you’re setting your intentions to bring your goals to the forefront of your everyday life.

In saying all of this, some people receive results in a matter of minutes, and some people receive results in years. 

This “how soon should you receive results?” may feel like a trick question, because there’s no actual answer. But it’s a question that I get a lot, so I did want to address it.

Plus, it leads us into the next question that I also receive a lot. 

The Real Reason You're Not Seeing Results When You Manifest

What happens when manifestation doesn’t work/you don’t receive results?

This may be another loaded question because once again there’s no objective answer, but there are different approaches that you can take when you’re not receiving the results you’re manifesting.

One helpful approach is to spend time re-examining your intention. Are your intentions clear? Are you holding them close? Are you pouring your energy into your intentions? Are you actually manifesting your intentions with intention, or are you just flippantly manifesting them whenever it crosses your mind? What are you actively doing to receive results? 

When you examine your intentions, you may find clarity in where things may be going wrong

Sometimes we set intentions haphazardly, and we don’t put real thought behind them. 

How might flippancy be impacting your manifestation? 

Now, what if we spend time reflecting on you, instead of just your intentions? Is it possible that you don’t fully align with your intentions? Are you holding them too closely? Are you being too vague?

There are different factors that are going to impact how/if you receive results.

Like I mentioned earlier, sometimes we also just need to trust that the universe has better plans than we anticipated. 

If you’re finding that your manifesting isn’t working, then I urge you to consider your “why.” This will help you better understand what you’re manifesting, and should help you gain clarity on why it may not be working as you had hoped.

Try asking yourself these questions:

  • Is this really and truly what I want?
  • How will I benefit in my life from having this?
  • Why do I want this?
  • When I think of having this, how do I feel?

They just might offer you clarity on why you’re not receiving results.

How can you best set realistic expectations when manifesting?

It’s possible you’ve read through this article, and you recognize that your manifestations aren’t working because you’re not setting realistic expectations. If that’s you, then this section should help you better set realistic expectations. 

As I mentioned above, understanding your “why” is going to help you set intentions that truly align with what you want.

The best approach to manifesting is going to be different for everyone. I find that journaling can be a really helpful tool, and I love how this blog focuses on gaining clarity on what you want/what your goals are.

Knowing what you want is going to help you create clear intentions that are achievable and realistic. Rather than having loosey goosey intentions like “oh, I want to get rich,” you can set intentions that will actually align with what you want. Do you want to get rich, or do you want to have financial freedom that doesn’t prevent you from pursuing the life you desire? If it’s the latter, then what tangible goals and steps can you work towards to help you achieve success? 

Creating a plan with actionable steps will help you maintain your focus on your intentions. Don’t just create a plan to “spend less money”, create a budget that aligns with your intentions that will help lead you to the life you’re manifesting. 

Obviously, money isn’t the only thing people manifest, it’s just the example I’m using here.   

By knowing what your goals are and creating a plan with how you want to achieve them, you can focus your energy on your intentions and keep your goals and plans at the forefront of your life while trusting that things will work out. 

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The Real Reason You're Not Seeing Results When You Manifest

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