Why You're Not Manifesting Your Business Goals

Why You're Not Manifesting Your Business Goals

Manifestation is an amazing way to gain clarity on your goals & desires. It's a form of reflection and meditation. The ✨magic✨ happens through strategy and effort. Let the universe guide you, and remember you're the most powerful tool in reaching your goals.

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The mind is a powerful thing, but you need to put in the work too.

Manifestation is identifying what you want and putting it out into the universe - calling in what you want, and releasing what no longer serves you. I am into it. This is why I have a crystal shop.

But I am also a data analyst, program evaluator, and advocate for equity. So we can’t talk about manifestation without talking about privilege (who has access to what resources and opportunities and why). And I don’t think you can expect to manifest something without setting goals and working towards them.

You are going to face obstacles, you are going to have challenges. Set goals to help you be ready for them when they arise.

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