Crystals for Your Home Inspired by the Desert

Crystals for Your Home Inspired by the Desert

Whether you’ve lusted after desert photos on Pinterest, or had the opportunity to explore the desert in person, you know that it’s a certain vibe. 

The desert has a healing presence, and it’s no surprise that you might be interested in harnessing the power of the desert in your home.

Crystals for Your Home Inspired by the Desert

The benefits of bringing the desert to your home.

There are amazing benefits to living in the desert.

There’s the beautiful sunshine, the scarcity of people, the lack of stress, and more.

The desert is truly a beautiful place to spend time in. It’s quite simply healing. (If you haven’t had the chance to have a desert getaway, I urge you to make it a priority!) 

For many of us, packing up and moving to the desert is an unattainable dream (or at least an unattainable instant dream).

Rather than moving our homes to the desert, we can bring the desert into our homes. 

Bringing the desert into your home will have you living your Joshua Tree dream in the comfort of your own home.

The goal of bringing the desert into your home is to help you find peace in your surroundings, healing in your space, and feeling like you’re able to recharge in the desert without going to the desert. 

Crystals for Your Home Inspired by the Desert

How to bring the desert to your home.

Some of the vibes of the desert that we all know and love include cacti, terracotta everything, and heat. 

Now, you could crank the heat in your house and paint everything earthy tones, or you could welcome pieces into your home that capture the desert vibe without boosting your heating bill.

Adding houseplants into your home will help you achieve the desert vibe.

You can also add desert-colored accents in your throw pillows and wall décor.

But, the real reason we’re all here (based on the title of this blog) is to learn about what crystals can help us bring the desert vibe into our homes. 

What crystals you should have in your home to get that desert vibe. 

I’m going to share more information about crystals that you can add to your collection that will help you get the desert vibe. (I recommend checking out my crystal shop if you’re looking for high-quality crystals and to support a small business).

Crystals for Your Home Inspired by the Desert

Clear Quartz

The desert is the perfect place to remove yourself from toxic influences and transform your negative energy into positive energy.

If you crave this type of transformation in your home, you can invite that desert component in by adding clear quartz to your crystal collection.

With clear quartz you can cleanse your home, and mind, while realigning yourself with your goals. It’s the perfect desert crystal if you’re looking to discover your higher purpose.

Crystals for Your Home Inspired by the Desert


One of the amazing benefits of the desert is how quiet and peaceful it can be. If you’re looking to bring a sense of calm into your chaos, amethyst is going to help you welcome that peace in.

Quite your mind, improve your sleep, meditate deeper, and feel supported in life’s journey by adding amethyst to your collection.

Find rest and relaxation with your amethyst, and gain that peace you’re craving. 

Black tourmaline

If you’re turning to the desert to gain protection while you’re healing, then black tourmaline will help.

The desert is none for being seclusive, making it feel secure and calm. 

Black tourmaline has strong grounding forces that will protect you on your personal journey. Your black tourmaline will help you fend off unwanted or negative demands on your time, energy, and resources, allowing you to focus on what matters most for you at the time.

Find seclusion from everyday negativity.

Crystals for Your Home Inspired by the Desert

Selenite desert rose

It only seems appropriate to include the selenite desert rose in the list of crystals that will help you achieve the desert vibes in your home. 

The desert rose has properties that will help you be grounded while protecting you from negative energy, while also helping you gain clarity. 

Adding a selenite desert rose to your collection with the goal of enhancing your desert vibes feels like an easy choice. It has the perfect name, and it have many benefits that the desert house (just without the risk of sunburn and sand in your eyes). 

Rose quartz

The final crystal I recommend for your desert crystal collection is rose quartz.

One of the amazing benefits of the desert is the ability to just spend time in reflection. Rose quartz is another crystal with healing and peace properties that will help you intentionally reflect on yourself and your relationships.

If you find joy in the desert because it’s an opportunity to clear your mind and get away from everyday life, you may find that meditating with rose quartz will help you stabilize your emotions, find joy, and reassure any doubts or anxieties.  

Crystals for Your Home Inspired by the Desert

Learn more.

If you’re interested in learning more about crystals and what they can be used for, check out my blog and website. I post lots of great articles that will help you learn more about the wonderful world of crystals (this article about setting intentions may be a great place to start).

I love sharing about crystals, meditation, well-being, and more! I’m passionate about helping women gain clarity and learn how to recharge, and I’d love to help you in whatever way I can. Feel free to give me a follow on Instagram to join my community. 

Crystals for Your Home Inspired by the Desert

When talking about crystals, I do always like to note that it’s important that the stated metaphysical benefits are not intended to replace the advice of a healthcare professional. The goal of my blog is to help you gain the benefits of the desert in your home by using crystals. If you have a medical condition or health concern, please speak to a licensed medical professional. 

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