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  • Ocean / Marine Jasper Palm Stone Polished / Tumbled.
  • Ocean / Marine Jasper Palm Stone Polished / Tumbled.
  • Ocean / Marine Jasper Palm Stone Polished / Tumbled.
  • Ocean / Marine Jasper Palm Stone Polished / Tumbled.
  • Ocean / Marine Jasper Palm Stone Polished / Tumbled.
  • Ocean / Marine Jasper Palm Stone Polished / Tumbled.
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Ocean / Marine Jasper Palm Stone Polished / Tumbled

Ocean / Marine Jasper Palm Stone Polished / Tumbled

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Ocean jasper stones manifest positive feelings and filter out stress. This lovely blue crystal is perfect for anyone who needs to promote positivity or create a safe space for clear communication.

Ocean Jasper Meaning

Ocean jasper is a stone of joy and high spirits that lifts the veil of negativity and welcomes positivity. It supports you in your journey to develop healthier habits and rid yourself of self-defeating behaviors. 

The light, playful energy of ocean jasper stones combine wonderfully with the healing properties of smoky quartz and the enchanting energy of charoite.

Ocean Jasper Healing Properties

Ocean jasper supports the release of self-defeating behaviors by opening your eyes and heart to healthier habits and thought processes. Ocean jasper promotes playfulness, self-expression, relaxation, and infuses your words and creations with love and happiness. It also connects you with the physical world and helps you be content with what you have.

This is the stone for if your intentions are increasing positive feelings, relieving stress and worry, living with happiness, lifting your spirits, or becoming more optimistic. 

How to Cleanse Your Crystals

For cleansing, Selenite plates or slabs work well for smaller pieces. For larger geodes, a little bit of Palo Santo or ethically sourced sage works just fine.

How to incorporate jasper crystals into your life

Try incorporating jasper crystals it into your meditation practice, a powerful way to access the healing energy of a stone.

Sit quietly with the stone and breathe in the healing energy of the universe while exhaling to release negativity and other unwanted energies from your mind, body and spirit.

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Jasper Healing Properties Disclaimer

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