Nicole's Crystals - 5 Crystals for Wanderers

Hi! I'm Nicole, and I create content in the plus size fashion, beauty, body positivity, and travel spaces, born and raised in the Midwest. I created this community for my digital content to live. It's nice to meet you!

I love connecting with people on social media. My instagram has become a place where I can come to find my people. 

I hope to offer a body-positive, friendly face for you to see on your screen - to bring you happiness and maybe even a little fashion inspiration. My goal is to help other femmes embrace love for their body and themselves.

It's that desire to spread body-positivity inclusively across the internet that brought me to partner with Dara Laine Murray, fellow body-pos femme fat, and founder of Harvest Retreats & this crystal shop!

Through this incredible partnership, I'm able to offer you 20% off everything in Dara's beautiful online small business (just think of her as your neighborhood shop owner in our little space on the internet) using the code WANDERERNICOLE.

Plus, you can check out my recommendations for crystals & home decor to incorporate into your daily life for positivity and beauty in all shapes & sizes.

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The sale will last until August 31st and gives you 20% off all items in Dara's shop.

crystals for wanderers

5 Crystals for Wanderers

Here's the full list. Keep scrolling for more details on each one. Links will open the listing for each crystal in a new window.

  1. Ocean Jasper Crystal Tower / Obelisk / Point - Extra Large Options
  2. Snowflake Jade Obelisk / Tower
  3. Rainbow Fluorite Crystal Rough / Raw Stone
  4. Sakura Agate Pink Crystal Point / Tower / Obelisk
  5. Clear Crystal Quartz Tower / Obelisk / Point

 crystals for wanderers

Ocean Jasper Crystal Tower / Obelisk / Point - Extra Large Options

Ocean jasper stones manifest positive feelings and filter out stress. This lovely blue crystal is perfect for anyone who needs to promote positivity or create a safe space for clear communication.

Ocean Jasper Meaning

Ocean jasper is a stone of joy and high spirits that lifts the veil of negativity and welcomes positivity. It supports you in your journey to develop healthier habits and rid yourself of self-defeating behaviors. 

The light, playful energy of ocean jasper stones combine wonderfully with the healing properties of smoky quartz and the enchanting energy of charoite

Ocean jasper supports the release of self-defeating behaviors by opening your eyes and heart to healthier habits and thought processes. Ocean jasper promotes playfulness, self-expression, relaxation, and infuses your words and creations with love and happiness. It also connects you with the physical world and helps you be content with what you have. This is the stone for if your intentions are increasing positive feelings, relieving stress and worry, living with happiness, lifting your spirits, or becoming more optimistic. 

crystals for wanderers

Snowflake Jade Obelisk / Tower

Jade’s gorgeous green color mirrors the hues of spring. This abundance crystal helps you reach your highest potential through luck, introspection, and calm. It cleanses you and reconnects you with the purity and joy of your Inner Child. Jade resonates powerfully with nature and encourages you to grow into your best self.

Jade with beautiful tiny white mineral inclusions, likely cristobalite, that form little snowflake-like patterns in the stone. 

 crystals for wanderers

Rainbow Fluorite Crystal Rough / Raw Stone

Rainbow Fluorite crystals are a detoxification tool used to ground yourself, clear confusion, and improve decision-making. If you’re in need of clarity, fluorite will clear out all that negative energy clouding your judgment. 

Rainbow Fluorite Meaning

Rainbow Fluorite crystals are used to clear your mind by releasing the negativity that’s in your way. Once you are grounded with positive, calming energy, fluorite allows you to see clearly. Never make an important decision without the cool, connecting wisdom that fluorite crystals provide. 

Rainbow Fluorite favorite 

Rainbow Fluorite crystals are a wonderful addition to any business. The positive energy boosts your decision-making skills and leads you to a clear path towards success. 

 crystals for wanderers

Sakura Agate Pink Crystal Point / Tower / Obelisk

Sakura Agate, also known as Cherry Blossom Agate or Flower Agate, is named by its feature of Chalcedony forming inside Agate that resembling flower blossoming.

Imagine the feeling of running barefoot through gorgeous fields of flowers -- that’s the feeling of freedom and pure bliss that Flower Agate touchstones connect you with.

Sakura Agate Meaning

Sakura Agate is a stone of new beginning and transformation.  It helps us to blossom into our fullest potential, as well as being be more patience, and allow time for things to unfold. It has the heart-focus of pink chalcedony, but its energy is punchier.

Sakura Agate Healing Properties

It provides a comforting energy and remind us that everything is going to be okay. And Its feminine energy brings peace and tranquillity. 

This stone is particularly useful for those looking to reconnect with joy and happiness after a challenging time. If life’s got you feeling down, connect with the Flower Agate properties to lift your spirit back up.

Flower Agate helps us reach our highest potential, protecting us from fears and self-doubt. 

Cherry Blossom Agate inspires us to manifest and nurture our dreams. Its energy ignites a passion to pursue dreams and live life to the fullest.

 crystals for wanderers

Clear Crystal Quartz Tower / Obelisk / Point

Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals and gems, they are found on every continent and perhaps in every country on Earth. If you are ready to forge a better life for yourself this spring, this crystal is for you! 

Clear Quartz Meaning

As one of the most versatile stones in the mineral kingdom, three of the key properties of clear quartz are energy amplification, memory and programmability. Quartz can be "programmed" by your focused intention to assist in achieving virtually any goal in life. This is why I've collected so many over the years. I find looking at them always makes me feel better.

Clear Quartz Healing Properties

Clear Quartz emits powerful, cleansing vibrations. Clear Quartz doesn’t just release toxic influences; it transforms negativity into positivity. This process will make you feel lighter and more energized, while also making it easier for you to discover your higher purpose.

Quartz Crystals

As you begin to work with quartz you see that there are many other formations with each holding its unique energy adding to quartz. I offer some colored quartz options too: Smoky Quartz and Citrine.

crystals for wanderers

+ Here's a bonus Item I just couldn't resist: Nordic Style Glass Vases - Gray & Green

How to Cleanse Your Crystals

For cleansing, Selenite plates or slabs work well for smaller pieces. For larger geodes, a little bit of Palo Santo or ethically sourced sage works just fine.

crystals for wanderers

How to incorporate crystals into your life

Hi! Dara here! I use crystals in my life in a few ways:

  1. to help me get clarity about my goals - what I really want to call into my life and what I'm ready to let go of;
  2. to help me focus and calm my mind so that I can meditate - super helpful for my anxiety and depression;
  3. to decorate the spaces I spend the most time in to remind me of #1 and #2 - they're just beautiful honestly (really, you can find them all over my house).

They have made a huge impact on me - my happiness and in managing my anxiety.

    A note from Dara:
    Thank you for choosing to purchase a crystal through my site. Know that your decision is helping support a small woman-powered business. Since I work directly with wholesalers to source natural, high-quality gemstones, and crystals, shipping speeds may reflect the time and care that goes into your purchase. I’m dearly grateful for your choice to support small business owners like me and I hope that my love and energy for these stones is transferred to you. 
    Also, please note that crystals are natural, earthly objects, so the colors, shapes, and sizes of each stone will vary slightly from the photos.
    Healing Properties Disclaimer
    Information and statements related to the metaphysical benefits mentioned in our listings are not intended to replace the advice of a healthcare professional. If you have a medical condition or health concern, please speak to a licensed medical professional.