Why I Started Harvest Retreats: Bloom

Why I Started Harvest Retreats: Bloom

Bloom is a sacred space for small service-based business owners to deepen their roots and create opportunities for growth.

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A few months ago I was searching, like so many others, for what my next career step would be and made the decision to start my own evaluation consulting firm.

Once I made the decision, it felt like putting on my glasses for the first time in 8th grade... everything was just more... clear! I was flooded with visions of what I wanted for myself and my business, but knew that I'd have more fun, get more creative, and make faster progress if I wasn't alone.

 That's how Harvest Retreats was born.

Channeling my double fire sign energy (aries sun and leo moon - it's a thing), I leaned in full force and have put together the type of retreat I wanted and needed to launch my service-based business in a setting that will be rejuvenating, fun, and more affordable than if you booked it on our own. I held my first retreat in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia in November 2021; if this isn't proof of how fast things can happen when you're on the right path, I don't know what is.

After hosting what would eventually evolve into Harvest Retreats and Bloom, I knew this was something I wanted to do forever and bring to even more people across the country. It was truly one of the most transformational experiences of my life. And I have the womxn below to thank.

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After the retreat in November the attendees said:

“From the moment I met Dara, I felt incredibly comfortable and welcomed. She exudes the natural qualities you'd want in a retreat host - authenticity, non-judgment, humor, high energy, and fun. It's very clear that one of her natural abilities is bringing people together to inspire action and collaboration.”

The gratitude I feel for these womxn has been deep and profound.

What makes me uniquely qualified to host these retreats? I sometimes struggle to answer that question to be honest. How does an afterschool and summer camp program director, evaluator, and data analyst become a retreat host for those seeking clarity, connection, wellness, and rejuvenation?

My colleagues and friends have always described me as a convener and connector who has the ability to motivate, coach, facilitate, and engage those from diverse backgrounds.

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At the end of the day, I just feel like I'm at my best when I am bringing people together and creating the right environment for them to shine. That's why I work so hard to create an intentional space for womxn business owners to convene, collaborate, and learn from one another. You already have everything you need, I just create the space (the fertile soil) to help you fully bloom.

The Bloom retreat grew from a strong belief that when womxn support each other, incredible things happen. Will you join me on this next adventure?

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