What is sound healing and frequency healing?

What is sound healing and frequency healing?

Sound healing is a concept that has been around for thousands of years. Sound therapy or frequency healing can help you in many ways, maybe even some unexpected ones.

In this post we’ll answer four questions:

  1. Why would anyone need sound healing?
  2. What is sound healing?
  3. What are the benefits of sound healing?
  4. Is sound healing the same as frequency healing?

Why would someone need sound or frequency healing?

Sound is everywhere all around us and even within our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls. In addition to sound, many people believe that different objects, people, plants, crystals, and feelings have specific sounds, vibrations, or frequencies, that cannot necessarily be heard by human ears. In a perfect world, all frequencies would be in tune with one another, leading to more harmony in our lives.

However, many things in life and in the world can throw off this harmonic balance and lead us to experience bad vibrations or frequencies that are misaligned with the people and spaces in our lives, or even within our own bodies. When the harmony of the vibrations gets disrupted, the resulting discordance can lead us to experience health problems.

Read on to find out about the difference between sound and frequency healing (if there are any) and the benefits of sound and frequency healing.

What is sound healing and frequency healing?

What is Sound Healing?

Sound healing is the practice of using sounds in order to help people with various issues, ranging from stress to physical and mental ailments.

The Benefits of Sound Healing

Sound can get rid of stress, heal diseased cells, fine-tune the frequency balance of the body, and even get rid of discordant vibrations. The latter might lead to a feeling of absence of balance! 

What is Frequency Healing?

Frequency healing is the practice of fine-tuning frequencies so that they can finally be in harmony, as opposed to being dissonant. Frequency unbalances and discordance can cause a wide range of issues. These include mood disorders, as well as health problems and mental health concerns.

What are some tools you can use for sound healing? How can you incorporate sound healing into your self-care practice? Read on!

What is sound healing and frequency healing?

Types of Sound Healing & Tools for Sound Healing

  • Music. Some forms of sound healing use various aspects of music to help people improve their emotional wellness. In some cases, therapy involves listening to music or sounds and creating sounds, chanting, or singing.  

  • Brain Waves. Although there is no current scientific evidence to back the practice, some sound healers also focus on using frequencies to affect the resonance of brain waves. Brain waves can be responsible for mood swings and other mental health issues. It is said that working on brain waves with positive frequency enforcement can help people solve many issues. These include depression, insomnia, and anxiety, among many other things. 

  • Sound bathing. Sound baths are also very popular. This unique form of sound healing involves creating a meditative experience. People undergoing sound baths are quite literally immersed in sound waves. Frequently, Sound bath experts use a wide range of instruments like chimes, tuning forks, and singing bowls. The goal is to produce a beautiful texture of sounds with strong healing qualities; a true landscape of sounds to wash over you and cleanse you. 

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Tools for Sound Healing

How often do you need sound healing?

Some people undergo the process quite regularly, like a trip to the spa or salon, to maintain their wellness on a regular basis. 

Our daily lives can be incredibly challenging, demanding, and stressful. For this reason, it can be incredibly important to set aside time to dedicate to cleansing your spirit and refreshing your body. Sound healing practices, such as sound baths, can be a fantastic way to take a step back, release your stress, and focus on your wellness to recharge your batteries.

The Benefits of Sound Healing

Final Thoughts on The Benefits of Sound Healing

Sound healing offers amazing opportunities for anyone to feel happier, better, healthier, and more in tune with the world around us. The experience is relaxing and some find sound baths so beneficial they make them a routine part of regular wellness practice.

While these particular practices may be less familiar to you than getting a massage or meditation, sound healing is relatively accessible and it is easy to find practitioners in your area. The sound healing community is pretty vast, and it is becoming increasingly larger as more and more people are discovering the unique benefits of sound therapy. There are so many options, catering to people of all types and backgrounds. This is an amazing opportunity for people to find something that truly works for them and feels like a good match with their natural affinity, their lifestyle, and the way their energy is laid out. 

After all, sound, frequencies, and vibrations are already all around us and within us. It is all about how we can become empowered to take control over how it affects our vibrations and the way we tune our lives with our world, other people, and ultimately, with the universe as a whole.

The Benefits of Sound Healing


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