What does the color pink represent?

What does the color pink represent?

What does the color pink mean? What do pink crystals represent? What do pink crystals mean?

Crystals all have different meanings, often because of their physical properties, where they are found in the Earth, and their chemical makeup.

Each crystal is unique, like snowflakes or fingerprints. However, each crystal family like jasper, quartz, calcite, or agate share certain common characteristics, meanings, and healing properties.

Similarly, crystals from different families but with the same or similar colors often have commonalities. In this post we examine the meaning of the color pink.

Color psychology suggests that colors can have a powerful impact on our moods and even behaviors. Each color is thought to have its own effect, but the feeling that each color produces can vary based on experience and culture. 
Pink takes all the passion and energy of red and tempers it with the purity of white, leaving us with the color of tenderness and affection.

Pink symbolizes youth, good health, and playfulness. It’s the flush of first love and stands for nurturing femininity.

Pink gemstones are relatively rare, which makes them even more special

Here are 5 Pink Crystals to help you focus on embracing playfulness and calling in affection.

Pink Opal

Pink Amethyst 

Rose Quartz

Sakura Agate

Pink Botswana Agate

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