What can I expect to get out of the Bloom Retreat?

What can I expect to get out of the Bloom Retreat?

First, there are the services you’ll receive:

  • One-on-one business and marketing consulting before, during, and after the retreat.
  • Mindfulness, creativity, and wellness coaching during the retreat.
  • A mini brand photoshoot to help you bring your brand to life in a way that is natural, authentic, and consistent.
  • Makeup & hair styling prior to your brand photoshoot.
  • All meals catered.
  • A sun-filled and cozy room in a historic Amish farmhouse.
  • A boutique experience, with limited attendee spots (only eight) to ensure the best experience for you.

    Then, there are the non-tangible yet incredibly impactful benefits:

    • Community

      • Collaboration and connection with your fellow attendees
    • Clarity

      • Feedback and insights from industry experts
      • A caring environment to brainstorm, re-energize, and plan for the future
    • Rejuvenation

      • A new and refreshing space to step away from your day-to-day grind and responsibilities
      • Strike an intentional balance between your business and yourself
      • Refresh your perspective and make space for abundance
    The Bloom retreat is centered around connection and growth: reconnect with yourself, discover a sense of community with your fellow attendees, grow towards your business goals. Come open-minded, and leave with the support, confidence, and clarity to tackle the next stage of your business journey.

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