Mind Body Healing – Why Frequency And Sound Matter

Mind Body Healing – Why Frequency And Sound Matter

Sound is a powerful force in the body. It can be used to heal, but it can also be used to cause harm.

The exact effect sound has on your body depends on the frequency of that sound, which we’ll explore later in this article.

Mind Body Healing – Why Frequency And Sound Matter

How sound works

Sound is a wave. Sound waves are oscillations of pressure that travel through the air. Additionally, just like other waves, they have a frequency (number of oscillations per second) and an amplitude (size).

So what’s so special about the frequency of a wave? It turns out that our bodies are very sensitive to certain frequencies.

Frequency and amplitude are both important factors when it comes to understanding how sound affects us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The science behind sound and vibration

You might have heard of the healing power of music, but do you know what makes it so effective?

Sound is a form of energy that can affect your body on many levels. When we talk about sound, we're referring to frequency and vibration. Frequency is measured in units called hertz (Hz). One Hz is one wave passing through a point in one second; higher frequencies have more energy than lower ones. The human ear can hear sounds between 20 Hz and 20 kHz; the range extends up into the ultrasonic range beyond this, but our ears aren't sensitive enough to hear them!

The vibrational effects of sound can be seen in the way that musical instruments work. For example, the strings on a guitar are tuned to specific pitches; when you pluck them, they vibrate in a certain way based on their length and thickness. And when you play a piano, each key produces a different note because most strings vibrate at different frequencies.

How sound and frequency affect the body

Sound vibrations affect the body in a variety of ways. The body responds differently depending on what type of vibration or frequency it receives through its cells, tissues, and organs; this is why different types of music can affect us in different ways depending on our moods at any given moment.

The human body is made up of cells and tissues that vibrate at different frequencies. For example, the cells in your heart are tuned to a different frequency than those in your brain.

Using sound as medicine.

Sound has the ability to create a healing environment for our minds, bodies, and spirits.

When you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, or anxious, creating a space that feels safe and nurturing can be an important step toward healing. Sound can do this by creating a space where you feel supported and cared for by providing an atmosphere of safety and comfort.

Mind Body Healing – Why Frequency And Sound Matter

Sound, vibrations, and frequencies can be used to heal the organs, chakras, and meridians of the body.

Sound vibrations also have an effect on our aura or energy field, which surrounds us and protects us from negative energy or harmful radiation from other people or objects.

When we are healthy and in balance, our bodies vibrate at their own natural frequency. But when we are stressed, our frequency drops. This makes us more vulnerable to things like electromagnetic pollution (EMF), radio waves, and other outside influences.

We can protect ourselves from outside influences and heal our bodies by using sound vibrations to get back to our natural frequency.

Sound has also been shown to have physiological effects on our bodies: it can help lower blood pressure and heart rate; reduce stress hormones; improve sleep quality; increase feelings of wellbeing—and much more!

You can harness these powerful frequencies to support your health.

Sound and frequency can be used to enhance your health, support it, or even reverse disease processes in the body. Sound is a bridge between our physical world and the spiritual realms that exist around us. When we use sound as part of our daily routine, whether it's through meditation or singing, we start to build bridges between ourselves and others. This helps us build community, both within ourselves and with others who share the same interest (or passion).

How to use sound and frequency as a modality for healing

Sound and frequency are powerful tools for healing. They can be used for yourself or with others as part of a more holistic approach to wellness that includes meditation, diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices.

The first step is to learn how to use sound and frequency in your daily life. Start by listening attentively when you're out walking the dog or taking a shower—you may find yourself drawn into moments where everything seems quiet around you, but there's still something inside motivating you forward towards something positive!

You could also try tuning into nature sounds like wind chimes or bird songs if they appeal to you (if not, then just choose whatever feels right). This will help open up an awareness of what it means when someone says "listen"—it might seem like just another word, but actually refers to any time someone says something that resonates with us, we should listen carefully because there might be some valuable information hidden within their words that could help heal us from illness, pain, etc.

Crystal frequencies and vibrations

Crystals also have vibrations and frequencies. The human body is actually made up of many crystals, but we don't usually think of them in this way because our perception is limited to what we see on the surface level. Yet our bodies are made up of trillions of cells that can be thought of as tiny little crystals themselves, and each cell has its own unique vibration or frequency.

Some examples include using:

  • rose quartz for emotional issues;

  • citrine for stress relief; and

  • carnelian to increase confidence.

Crystals work in a similar way to homeopathy, which is one of the most effective forms of natural medicine.

So how do we use sound therapy along with crystal healing? Simply place the crystal over any chakra point, then play music through headphones while focusing on it during meditation sessions!

Mind Body Healing – Why Frequency And Sound Matter

Final thoughts on why frequency and sound matter.

Sound is a powerful tool for healing and wellness. By harnessing the frequencies of nature, you can treat yourself to a much-needed dose of relaxation or tune into your body's needs for support. Listening to music, singing in harmony with others, or even tapping on different objects are all ways that we can use sound as medicine.

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