best crystals for travel

Best Crystals for Travel

There’s typically high anxiety surrounding travel, from getting to the airport at an appropriate time to packing the correct items, getting through the stress-inducing security check, and finding your gate in time. By supporting yourself with some of the best crystals for travel, you can help ease the anxiety that travel can induce.

While you may not be able to control certain aspects of traveling to and through the airport, there are certain items you can bring with you to help ease the stress that flows your way. Yes, there are specific crystals for stress and negativity. There are even crystals good for mental health to protect yourself in all aspects.

best crystals for travel

What crystal is good for traveling?

While quite a few will turn your airport experience from negative to positive, a great option to start with is amethyst. This powerful stone can potentially combat jet lag, a huge benefit that can allow you to enjoy your destination more fully. 

This crystal offers protection against negative energy, thus helping you keep a positive mindset and stay in a tranquil state. This crystal helps relieve stress naturally, making it one of the best crystals for travel. Some say amethyst is lucky and that it may even help you escape the dreaded flight delays. 

Where can I keep my crystals?

You won't need to tote around large crystals to benefit from them. A small handheld crystal will do quite a lot when traveling. You can keep your crystal (or crystals) in your pocket for easy transport. If you're afraid of forgetting or losing your crystal, you can use a velvet storage bag and pack it in your purse or backpack. 

Crystal jewelry is another excellent way to bring stones with you on trips. Wearing crystals as a bracelet or necklace will ensure no stone gets left behind. 

Best Crystals for Travel

6 Best Crystals for Travel

These crystals will aid you in keeping stress levels low and positivity high during any form of travel (even a road trip). 


This stone has many beneficial properties that can apply to travel. For one, it’s known as a protection stone. Specifically, Malachite helps eliminate negative energies and warns you against any danger. It does this by absorbing negative energy, thus protecting you and your energy field. 

Malachite is also excellent for change, whether traveling to a new country, moving or simply changing states for a vacation. While carrying malachite, you'll be able to maintain a state of peace. 

Best Crystals for Travel


This beautiful crystal does more than offer you a pretty object to look at. Celestite promotes balance and calmness within you, which is perfect for the airport. 

It's also often used in meditation as a focus point. If you get anxious on planes, bring a celestite crystal and focus on it until your worries slip away. 

Using celestite can also aid in soothing the wearer to sleep. Travelers that have difficulty falling asleep on planes can bring this crystal to help them relax sufficiently into a sleep state. As a bonus, celestite can also aid in dream recall. 

Best Crystals for Travel


Bringing hematite with you to the airport will also help absorb negative energy. If you’re traveling with a significant other, friend, or family member who typically gets anxious or overwhelmed while traveling, hematite will help prevent you from taking on this energy. 

It's another naturally calming stone, so if you're an anxious friend, you can bring a hematite crystal or two along for your trip. On a work-related trip, hematite is the ideal stone to bring with you. It is known to aid with focusing so you can get your work emails knocked out more quickly. 

Best Crystals for Travel


Selenite is a great crystal to keep on hand. It’s useful for traveling and amongst a crystal collection, as it can charge and clear the energy of other crystals. If you're planning to travel with multiple crystals, you may want to add a selenite wand to the bundle to prep crystals for the return trip more easily. 

This crystal is also one that offers protection while helping you stay peaceful. This stone can help the wearer remain calm even when traveling with stressed-out partners or friends. Selenite is a stone that correlates with high vibrations, so it will help you maintain a higher, more positive energy throughout the airport. 

Best Crystals for Travel


This crystal is a favorite for many travelers as it's said to bring the wearer good luck. This good luck can apply to anything like having the person in front of you pay for your coffee (though there are no guarantees). Labradorite is the perfect crystal to tote to the airport for travelers who want everything to work out perfectly during a trip. 

This stone also helps provide the wearer with courage, making it an ideal choice for travelers afraid of flying. Wearers of labradorite will also find that it balances your energy field, which can help keep your immunity up, which is essential while traveling. 

Best Crystals for Travel


A stone that has naturally soothing properties like aquamarine makes traveling a breeze. By helping you stay calm in stressful situations, you can overcome anything while traveling, from incorrect coffee orders to travel delays. 

This crystal has a long-standing reputation for protecting the wearer while out at sea. This crystal will work for any travel method, though it's especially beneficial for those planning on traveling by boat or cruise ship. 

Aquamarine is also revered for its ability to boost courage in those who wear it. Keep aquamarine on hand if you have any fears revolving around travel, whether getting on a plane, social anxiety, or a similar fear. 

Best Crystals for Travel

Additional Healing Crystals to Consider:

These crystals have healing abilities like the above and can be great travel companions.

  1. Black Tourmaline - can help protect against negative thoughts and negative emotions.
  2. Rose Quartz - healing benefits may can include reducing homesickness.
  3. Clear Quartz - a powerful healing stone that can amplify the benefits of other stones. It also helps promote inner strength.

Best Crystals for Travel

Keeping the above crystals on hand will aid in a smoother travel experience and offer beneficial healing energy. Whether you choose to carry one or try all of the above simultaneously, these crystals will aid in calming your nerves, protecting against negative energy, and a myriad of other positive benefits. Try adding this list of best crystals for travel into your trip preparation for a beneficial impact on traveling.

Best Crystals for Travel

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