Crystals Entrepreneurs Need for Success

8 Crystals Entrepreneurs Need for Success

Once you make the decision to pursue your big idea or make your side gig your full-time labor of love, you are going to need to lean on many resources to sustain your energy, continue to innovate, and hold yourself and others accountable. If crystals already play a part in your life, whether to enhance your own vibrations, improve relationships, or heal physical ailments, consider how these precious materials can boost your business and help you find financial and spiritual independence.

Crystals are nature's gift to entrepreneurs. They can be a source of energy and inspiration that complement your strengths by filling the buckets you may struggle to keep full.

Many solopreneurs and small-business owners already have the creativity and vision piece figured out. It’s either innate to them or born from years of accumulated experience and wisdom. There are crystals that can enhance and sustain innovation, but also stones and gems that impart energies to help with organization, confidence, and consistency. As an independent professional who makes their own schedule and creates their own workspaces, certain crystals will be especially beneficial to your inner balance and peace and external harmony. 

Here are eight crystals you should seriously consider wearing or placing in your work environment and other spaces.

Crystals Entrepreneurs Need for Success


Popular and abundant, amethysts can serve as inspiration during particularly challenging times in your entrepreneurial journey. The clarity and wisdom associated with amethyst, in addition to its beauty and rich color, makes it one of the most desired crystals. This means it is easy to find, and is a great gem to start with as you plan your business strategy for the near- and long-term.

Crystals Entrepreneurs Need for Success


Both well-known and widely available, citrine is a must-have for entrepreneurs, especially those who want to make enough profit to live free of the burden of full-time employment. It is known as the merchant’s stone for its role in wealth boosting, prosperity, and creativity. To benefit from its properties, keep citrine close by at all times. Wear it in jewelry, cup it in your hands during meditation, and keep a bowl of crystals near your workspace. 

Crystals Entrepreneurs Need for Success


Familiar to most as a deep reddish-brown stone, garnet actually comes in many colors and has just as many applications, many of which are vital for small-business owners. Garnet enhances relationships with people and can infuse your spirit with energy that attracts people to you. We know how important it is for entrepreneurs to build relationships and find the communities that bring potential and profit. Garnet also fosters positive thinking and boosts confidence – two traits that entrepreneurs need in bulk.

Tiger’s Eye

The reflective quality that makes tiger’s eye so alluring as a body adornment is also a nod to the internal reflection that it stimulates. Let’s be honest and straightforward – being a new business owner comes with a series of tests and trials that at times can feel impassable. Tiger’s eye has been relied on for millennia for spiritual protection, warding off energies and people who would cause chaos or harm. Unfortunately, ill-intentioned business competitors and shady B2B marketers are all too real. Tiger’s eye may just give you the grounding and courage you need to protect you and your business. Keep it close to the body in a bracelet, ring, or necklace.

Crystals Entrepreneurs Need for Success


Most entrepreneurs simply cannot succeed without a heavy reliance on technology. In our home offices, we may have two or three monitors. Productivity apps keep small-business owners on their phones constantly. Our customers find us and reach us through social media. And for content creators, microphones, ring lights, and headphones are key. It can be overwhelming! Jasper is not only nurturing and restoring – it clears environmental and electromagnetic noise and can neutralize radiation. Keep a small bowl of jasper in your workspace to offset the effects of all those electronics.

Blue Lace Agate

When business gets hectic, that’s generally a good thing for your pocketbook and overall sense of accomplishment. But keeping up can run a solopreneur ragged and lead to burnout if left unaddressed. Look to blue lace agate for a calming, cooling energy. On busy days or times when you meet big deadlines or milestones, sit with blue lace agate for a few calming moments. This crystal is also a throat healer and may help with communication. Wearing it as a pendant or better yet in a choker is a great way to feel confident during times when your words matter. 

Crystals Entrepreneurs Need for Success

Lapis Lazuli

Ever feel like you’ve gone astray as a business owner, or gotten so caught up in the weeds that you forgot your fundamental purpose? Lapis lazuli, whose use dates back to the seventh millennium BC, can help you find your way back. It can give strength during moments of self-doubt, lend peace and security, and create mental clarity and objectivity. Keep lapis lazuli crystals close when things seem foggy and uncertain.


When it comes to truly focusing on self, turquoise is there for us. It balances all the chakras, from the crown to the root and imparts harmony that nurtures on the inside and radiates outward. Channel the properties of turquoise when you need wisdom and greater insight. This gemstone will also be helpful when your mental and emotional energies are depleted and depression sets in. Use turquoise in those moments where you are being intentional in your self-care and rest. 

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