7 Crystals to Support Collaboration

7 Crystals to Support Collaboration

Looking for a little extra support and focus when collaborating with others or working as part of a collective or team? Look no further!

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For me, the most important part of working with crystals is getting clear on your intentions. What do you want to call in? What do you want to release? What one thing are you hoping to work on or improve in the next roughly 30 days?

In my experience, focusing on more than three things makes it less likely that you will achieve any of them. If you're new to goal or intention setting or are new to working with crystals, I recommend starting with just one bite-size goal for the next month or so. 

Crystals serve as a reminder of that goal, calling in the energy and power they represent. I hold my crystals when I'm feel stressed, overwhelmed, or unsure of how I should move forward. I place them in areas of my home where they are easily in view as a reminder of what I want to call in or release.

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This stone is for anyone looking for new direction, be that new inspiration or a new community, or a new work stream. Malachite is known for its ties to coincidence and synchronicity, and may guide you toward new paths and important transformations. It imparts confidence and clarity, and helps connect one to the people and places that will support the growth of their work. With all these qualities, maybe Malachite will be the crystal I include in the gift box for my next retreat...

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A good companion stone for Malachite is Red Jasper or Black Tourmaline.



This is a great stone for those wanting to release stress and anxiety. Amethyst also enhances intuition and relaxation. If there was ever a stone to remind you to take a deep breath it would be the serene purple crystal of Amethyst. Amethyst can help you to release feelings of negativity and call in comfort. When you are feeling frustrated or lost, Amethyst can help to soothe you and help you call in all the love, light, and abundance you need to thrive. 

This is a great stone for nurturing healthy and deep connections. Consider pairing it with rose quartz to balance the yin & yang energies of your home.

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A good companion stone for Amethyst is Clear Crystal Quartz or Carnelian.



Sodalite is the best crystal to encourage teamwork and comradery. 
By enhancing our reasoning abilities and our intuition, Sodalite helps us speak from a balanced place. It is a great piece to have for those who struggle to control their emotions, irrational fears, and impulses when dealing with others.  Sodalite can help prevent conflicts and helps us operate from a more logical standpoint. It helps us get in touch with higher consciousness and clears the path to effective and harmonious communication.

This stone is also a great crystal to have when we are looking for more understanding of ourselves and others, so that we can express how we think and feel more freely.

It's no wonder I love Sodalite so much. I am a convener who loves bringing folx together - someone who is passionate about seeing others succeed. When others shine, I shine; if I played a small roll in that shining... it's the best feeling in the world.

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A good companion stone for Sodalite is Calcite or Lapis Lazuli.

Rose Quartz

rose quartz

All relationships are a matter of the heart. Rose Quartz helps to remove any issues with love and trust and instead invites your heart to open. This beautiful pink stone reminds us that love can conquer all. Not just love for others, but love for ourselves, which provides the very foundations for which we can reach out and give our love to others. It’s also a stone that helps us to build compassion. For those who feel impatient or as though they aren’t getting the attention they need, Rose Quartz brings softer understanding and a sense of peace.

Because it soothes our soul and eliminates aggression, Rose Quartz invites lighthearted communication and compassion. When we are able to speak from the heart, we can establish firm and stable relationships and speak in a way that is healing and assertive rather than destructive or domineering. Rose quartz encourages loving, gentle, and positive connections since it enhances our ability to speak from the heart.

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A good companion stone for Rose Quartz is Citrine or Obsidian.

Moss Agate

moss agate

Grassy and green and connected and said to be a stone that encourages bountiful harvest, Moss Agate also lends its motto of abundance to relationships of all kinds. This is an awesome stone for those looking to extend their friendships and to draw in new people. But for those who want to turn their attention to those all-important existing friendships, Moss Agate can help here too.

This stone has an uncanny ability to call the balancing act into being. Whether your friendship is running too hot or too cold, Moss Agate will bring its pendulum powers to put everything back in balance. It can help ensure that your heart continues to be as open and bright as a sunbeam, keeping you ready and open to all things love.

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A good companion stone for Moss Agate is Green Aventurine.


aquamarine crystal stone

Bring Aquamarine with you, and your words will flow. This is one of the crystals for communication that can help us express our thoughts gently and truthfully.

It is a highly harmonizing stone, and its energy has the power to prevent arguments, pettiness, harshness, and rudeness in our dealings with others. It is a great stone for promoting compromise and tolerance, allowing us to communicate more tactfully. Aquamarine promotes caring communication and helps attract more diplomacy our way.

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A good companion stone for Aquamarine is Apatite or Larimar.

Smoky Quartz

smoky quartz crystal stone tower

Another of my absolute all time favorite crystals. Smoky Quartz releases all negativity associated with our relationships and communications. By grounding and balancing us, it protects us and helps us to feel centered and composed.

At the same time, it uplifts us and eases any painful memories that are keeping us from enjoying our relationships. Smoky Quartz also amplifies the other crystals around it, making them even more potent and beneficial.

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A good companion stone for Smoky Quartz is Blue Lace Agate or Hematite.

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