5 Crystals That Help Us Feel Courage and Bravery

5 Crystals That Help Us Feel Courage and Bravery

When we think of courage and bravery, we often picture soldiers or firefighters. However, courage is required in all aspects of life, from mundane tasks like taking out the trash to more dramatic challenges like making a drastic career change.And while it would be nice if you always had someone cheering you on and reminding you that they believe in your ability to overcome fear and uncertainty, sometimes it's easier to find someone else who can lend support by helping us feel brave through their words or actions—like our favorite celebrities, for example!

That's why today I want to share with you some crystals that will help bring out your inner warrior:

5 Crystals That Help Us Feel Courage and Bravery


Fluorite is the stone of courage and bravery. It can help you feel calm in a stressful situation, and it helps you see things more clearly. If you're going on a journey or starting something new, fluorite will be there with you every step of the way.

Fluorite is also an excellent stone for keeping negative energy away from your body, mind, and soul while also helping you focus on positive thoughts instead of negative ones (which will only make matters worse). This makes fluorite an excellent choice if you're feeling down about yourself or if someone else has recently brought their own negativity into your life!

The best part? Fluorite is easy on the wallet—it doesn't require much maintenance at all!

5 Crystals That Help Us Feel Courage and Bravery


Hematite is a grounding stone, which means it helps you feel confident and courageous. It also helps you to focus on the present moment rather than worrying about what might have gone wrong or what could go wrong in the future. Hematite is associated with the root chakra, which relates to our sense of security and stability; this makes sense once we understand how hematite can help us feel more secure in ourselves by helping us overcome fears that may be holding us back from achieving our goals.


Citrine is a yellow variety of quartz, and it's the birthstone for November. The energy of citrine helps you see the bigger picture and manifest your desires into reality. Citrine can help you overcome fear, worry, and anxiety by helping you stay positive in difficult situations. It also helps to increase confidence and self-esteem so that you feel comfortable speaking up when needed.

Citrine is associated with the sun and fire elements because they both represent warmth, brightness, and energy! This crystal may be ideal for you if you want to feel courageous and brave like a lioness!

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a blue stone that helps to promote clear communication and can be used to help you feel courageous. It also has the power to help you see the truth in situations, which can be helpful when it comes to making decisions or standing up for yourself. This crystal has been used throughout history by royalty and those who want higher status in society because of its ability to promote confidence, self-esteem, and courage.

5 Crystals That Help Us Feel Courage and Bravery

Lapis Lazuli stimulates your heart chakra, allowing you to feel more love for yourself and others.Lapis Lazuli encourages creative thinking while bringing clarity into your life by helping you see things as they really are instead of how they seem at first glance! Wearing my necklace every day (or having one nearby) works well for me because whenever I'm feeling anxious about something happening later that day or week ahead where I need extra strength, I just reach over, grab, and hold tightly enough so no one else notices but it still feels secure enough that even if someone were curious enough to ask questions later, why would anyone want something like this?

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It's associated with the heart chakra, and it can help us feel more loving and connected to others, as well as heal old wounds. It's also known for its ability to boost confidence and bravery in times of need, so if you're feeling timid about voicing your opinion or taking action on something important to you, rose quartz may be just what the crystal doctor ordered!

Rose quartz does have some limitations: its energy can sometimes come across as "girly" or sentimental; if this isn't something that resonates with you, then perhaps another crystal would suit your needs better (look back at our list!). But if one thing is certain in this world, everyone loves roses!

5 Crystals That Help Us Feel Courage and Bravery

These crystals can help you feel courageous.

If you want to feel more confident and courageous, crystals can help. Crystals are powerful tools that can be used to improve your mental health. They're also beautiful and fun to collect!

Final thoughts on crystals that help us feel courage and bravery.

These crystals are powerful tools for helping you feel courageous and brave. Whether you're looking for an emotional boost or want to find your inner strength, these crystals can help you achieve your goals.

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