5 Crystals for the Lunar New Year - Year of the Tiger

5 Crystals for the Lunar New Year - Year of the Tiger

The new moon, new year, and lunar new year are all times to start fresh. They are opportunities for new beginnings and an invitation to call in rebirth and change. It's a time to release and let go what is no longer serving you. 

Sometimes called Chinese New Year or Spring Festival, here are some crystals for the Lunar New Year & crystals for the year of the tiger 2022.

crystals for chinese new year

5 Crystals for the Lunar New Year

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is a gem of good fortune, new beginnings, and alternative possibilities. It attracts prosperity, enhances creativity, and dissolves negative feelings, so it’s a great stone for calming irritation and working through the inevitable kinks of new ventures. If you need a lucky charm, wear green aventurine—its optimistic, magnetic energy will be sure to bring you fortune and opportunity in abundance.

green aventurine crystal properties



A gemstone of pure light, happiness, and abundance: the citrine stone. For those new to the gemstone world - this is the place to start. And crystal enthusiasts already know you can never have too much light energy.

Citrine transmits good fortune and luck. It also promotes and manifests success and abundance, particularly in business. Any small business owners need to have a beautiful citrine stone in their life. 

This stone breaks up and removes negative energy from your life. It dissipates the self-doubt that’s holding you down and leads you to success. 

Clear Quartz

As one of the most versatile stones in the mineral kingdom, three of the key properties of clear quartz are energy amplification, memory and programmability. Quartz can be "programmed" by your focused intention to assist in achieving virtually any goal in life. Crystal Quartz is often used for healing and spiritual growth.This is why I've collected so many over the years. I find looking at them always makes me feel better.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz crystals help to stabilize your emotions. Rose Quartz promotes trust and harmony in our closest relationships, purifying and opening our hearts to healing and peace. This Quartz crystal reassures us when we are experiencing doubt, anxiety or grief.

It dispels negativity in our environment, replacing it with loving energy. This serenity stone allows us to forgive others and ourselves more easily by accepting the love that is all around us, boosting our trust and self-worth.


Amethyst is perfect for helping you let go of not-so-good habits or lifestyle behaviors. For centuries, it has been connected with sobriety and spirituality and will help increase your serenity and calmness. But also, if you need some motivation, amethyst can help you set realistic goals and stimulate your mind when you need it.

amethyst crystal properties

Using sound as part of your practice

The Chinese New Year celebrates the changing of these five elemental energies. For that reason, regardless of element, you may consider adding sound healing or frequency healing to your practice which is great for clearing out old energies.

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