5 Crystal Properties that Promote Positive Relationships (and 3 to Avoid)

5 Crystal Properties that Promote Positive Relationships (and 3 to Avoid)

Everyone wants to have a better relationship with themselves and those around them. While we often focus on the negative relationships in our lives (and they can certainly be difficult to deal with), there is also a lot of value in developing positive relationships.

In this article, I'll talk about crystal properties that promote positive relationships and ones that need to stay out of your love life!

5 Crystal Properties that Promote Positive Relationships (and 3 to Avoid)


Quartz is a stone of clarity, amplifying energy and intention. It can help you learn to see the bigger picture and understand your place in it. Quartz also promotes self-awareness by bringing you into closer connection with your true self.

Quartz works on all levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual. It helps us understand who we really are by revealing our innermost thoughts and feelings so that we may become more aware of our own needs as well as those of others around us.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love, and it's also great for promoting peace and healing. When you use rose quartz, you can help yourself heal emotional wounds that may be holding you back from having a positive relationship.

5 Crystal Properties that Promote Positive Relationships (and 3 to Avoid)

Rose quartz helps people who are struggling with self-esteem issues feel more confident in themselves, which will help them have better relationships with others as well. This stone promotes trust between people because it encourages forgiveness, so if there's someone in your life who has hurt or betrayed you before but wants to make amends now, then this crystal could help them do so by removing any negative feelings about them from your heart (or vice versa).

The calming energy of rose quartz can help calm down those who might have anger problems or other issues related to anger management; however, if someone else has these sorts of problems, then it might not be such an effective remedy for them! Rose quartz also helps us relax after stressful days at work, school, etc., so don't forget about using this one when relaxing at home too!


Amethyst is a powerful stone that helps to clear negative energy, promote peacefulness and balance, and help with insomnia and depression. It's one of the most popular crystals in the world because of its ability to promote positive relationships.

Crystal properties are not set in stone—they can change depending on how you treat them! For example, if you give an amethyst necklace as a gift, then it will absorb all of your friend's positive energy over time (which means they'll be less likely to break up with their partner). However, if your friend has been through some rough times recently and needs some extra support from their partner, then wearing this same necklace may have just the opposite effect!

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of truth and honesty. It helps you to be more honest with yourself and others, so you can see things clearly and understand the truth about yourself, others, and situations.

It's also a powerful chakra cleanser, energizer, and healer that promotes positive relationships by helping us recognize our true potential.


Citrine is a yellow-colored crystal that can help you find the motivation to get things done. It will help you maintain a positive attitude and keep yourself motivated. Citrine also helps you let go of negative emotions, which can make it easier for you to relate to others in positive ways.

Citrine is associated with the solar plexus chakra (the third chakra), which governs our ability to express ourselves and communicate effectively with others through words and actions that promote harmony within ourselves as well as in relationships with others.

Fluorite (avoid)

The first crystal property to avoid is fluorite. Fluorite is a stone that promotes mental clarity and protects against negative energy, but it can also create negative feelings if you are sensitive to its energies. If you want to work with the mind's energies, this may be an excellent choice for you, but if not, steer clear!

Malachite (avoid)

Malachite is a stone of protection and grounding, which means it can help you be more assertive.

The energy of malachite can also help you to focus your energy on what needs to be done in order for you to move forward in life. This may include healing old wounds, letting go of negative emotions, or addressing issues that have been holding back your growth. When working with malachite during meditation or rituals involving other crystals or stones, it is best if they are placed on either side of the person meditating so that their energies combine together, creating a stronger bond between all three items being used at once (the two crystals plus whatever else might be included).

If someone wants to use this crystal for enhancing relationships, then I would suggest using only one piece per person instead because having multiple pieces could result in confusion over whose energy belongs where if both people were wearing them at once.

Turquoise (avoid)

Turquoise is a stone of communication and creativity. It helps you speak your truth, be honest with yourself and others, and be more creative. Turquoise is also associated with the heart chakra, so it can help you become more aware of your own feelings, emotions, needs, and wants.

It's important to note that if you're in a relationship where someone is being controlling or abusive, then turquoise may not be for you because it amplifies these traits in others! If this sounds like something that might apply to your situation, I would recommend looking into other crystals instead (like rose quartz).

Final thoughts on using crystals to promote positive relationships

It's important to note that crystals are not a substitute for therapy or medication. They can help you build a healthier relationship with yourself and others, but they won't cure depression or anxiety on their own. If you're struggling with these issues and want more information about how crystals might fit into your life, contact us today!

5 Crystal Properties that Promote Positive Relationships (and 3 to Avoid)

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