3 things people have said about Harvest Retreats

3 things people have said about Harvest Retreats

What have other people said about the Harvest Retreats?

business retreat for women

“Dara was a phenomenal host. Charismatic, charming and warm and approachable. Dara wasn't afraid to ask difficult questions or challenge me to grow, but she is also intuitive and empathetic so knew how to support me in becoming the best version of myself. Not only that, but Dara is witty and easily engaged the room so was able to get people laughing which made the retreat really fun.” — Alicia Vooris, Mid-Modern Forager

retreat for women

“Dara is a superlative host. Warm. Welcoming. Generous. Dara is all about the details. So many beautiful, special touches to our weekend.” — Martha Rogers, Full Moon Acupuncture

all inclusive business retreat

“From the moment I met Dara, I felt incredibly comfortable and welcomed. She exudes the natural qualities you'd want in a retreat host - authenticity, non-judgment, humor, high energy, and fun. It's very clear that one of her natural abilities is bringing people together to inspire action and collaboration.” — Nicole Steen, Resume by Nico

Early bird tickets (meaning a big discount!) go on sale in mid-February. Be sure to check out the FAQ page, and sign up for our waitlist!

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