crystals for busy women

10 Crystals for Busy Womxn

My name is Amy, I’m the author and creator of this little space on the internet. I’m here to serve you, the busy working woman, by providing you with educational tools so you can live a healthier more balanced life. I work full time myself as a content manager, so I understand the challenge of balancing health, work, relationships, and all things adulting.

I've partnered with Dara Laine Murray, founder of Harvest Retreats and this online mom & pop crystal shop for beginners to offer you a discount + my recommendations for crystals you can incorporate into your daily life.

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10 Crystals for Busy Womxn

crystals for busy women

Here's the full list. Keep scrolling for more details on each one. Links will open the listing for each crystal in a new window.

  1. Black Tourmaline & Clear Quartz Crystal (Tourmalinated Crystal Quartz)
  2. Amazonite Tower / Obelisk / Point
  3. Rainbow Fluorite Tower / Obelisk / Point
  4. Blue Apatite Palm Stone Polished / Tumbled Stone Crystal
  5. Celestite Polished / Tumbled Palm Stone Crystal
  6. Howlite Tower / Obelisk / Point
  7. Ocean Jasper Crystal Tower / Obelisk / Point / Wand
  8. Natural Ocean Jasper Crystal Point
  9. Sodalite Polished / Tumbled Stone Crystal
  10. Caribbean Calcite Crystal Tower / Obelisk / Point

crystals for busy women

Black Tourmaline & Clear Quartz Crystal (Tourmalinated Crystal Quartz)

When healing is needed and negative thoughts must be brushed away, black tourmaline crystals are here to support you.

Black Tourmaline Crystal Description

These lovely and unusual black crystals combine the healing properties of the Quartz Crystal and the Black Tourmaline. Tourmalinated Quartz is clear crystal quartz that has grown together with black tourmaline and shows strands of the tourmaline running through it. Tourmalinated quartz is believed to protect the wearer from negative thoughts and emotions.

Black Tourmaline Meaning

Tourmalinated quartz is a crystal that will help you eliminate destructive patterns. It’s also a powerful crystal that will ground and protect you. It’s a crystal of motivation that will encourage you to move forward for the good. The fusion of these two creates a potent healing energy that will restore peace and harmony in your life.

The yin/yang qualities of these black crystals will bring clarity to your life by amplifying the good energies and eliminating the negative energies. Tourmaline purifies one's own energies and protects from negativity, while quartz amplifies. This combination makes Tourmaline quartz a powerful shield-stone that, depending on the desired intent of the wearer, can amplify and return negative energy, like a mirror spell, or can convert the negative energy into positive energy for the wearer.

crystals for busy women

Amazonite Tower / Obelisk / Point

Improve your focus, relax your mind, and look towards your success. Amazonite towers are just what you need to calm your nervous system and see the world from a new perspective. 

Amazonite Meaning

Amazonite towers are soothing stones that dispel negative thoughts and allow you to focus on your intentions. The cool strength within these crystals encourages clarity of thought and the concentration needed to achieve your goals. 

I often bring amazonite to full or new moon rituals to add to the altar. Raw amazonite reminds me of the ocean and being home and gives me the peace of mind I need to put anxious thoughts to rest. 

Consider using the power of raw amazonite if you’re in special need of some serious soul-strengthening.

Please note that crystals are natural, earthly objects, so the colors, shapes, and sizes of each stone will vary slightly from the photos. Amazonite is particularly prone to color variation due to the presence of smoky quartz.

 crystals for busy women

Rainbow Fluorite Tower / Obelisk / Point

Fluorite crystals are a detoxification tool used to ground yourself, clear confusion, and improve decision-making. If you’re in need of clarity, fluorite will clear out all that negative energy clouding your judgment. 

Fluorite Meaning

Fluorite crystals are used to clear your mind by releasing the negativity that’s in your way. Once you are grounded with positive, calming energy, fluorite allows you to see clearly. Never make an important decision without the cool, connecting wisdom that fluorite crystals provide. 

Fluorite favorite 

Fluorite crystals are a wonderful addition to any business. The positive energy boosts your decision-making skills and leads you to a clear path towards success. 

 crystals for busy women

Blue Apatite Palm Stone Polished / Tumbled Stone Crystal

Blue Apatite is a stone of manifestation attuned to the future, activating psychic abilities and allowing expansion of knowledge.

Apatite will stimulate the intellect and brings ideas from the mind down into the earth realm through realizations.

This stone allows for a deeper dive and reflection into one’s self, seeking self-insight and inner clarity. Apatite will keep you on a search for “freedom” as it keeps you attuned to always planning what’s next in your life.

 crystals for busy women

Celestite Polished / Tumbled Palm Stone Crystal

Celestite crystals are divine gemstones full of cosmic energy - ideal for meditation, mindfulness, and prayer. They are perfect for private spaces which encourage quiet reflection and spiritual growth. 

Celestite Meaning

These peaceful blue crystals get their name from the Latin “caelestis”, meaning “celestial”. Its strong cosmic energy allows us to find peace of mind and encourages mindful behavior. Celestite jewelry is perfect for crafting mindfulness totems - gentle reminders of thoughtful living. 

Associated with celestial beings, Celestite is strongly connected to divine energy and cosmic supernatural forces. As the result, this gem is best used for pursuing spiritual strength. Celestite also promotes discernment or higher spiritual awareness. 

Celestite Properties

Celestite crystals should be charged with either sun or moon energies. Sun-charged celestite encourages life-affirming energy, while lunar celestite will bring about heightened intuition. 

Combining the divine celestite healing properties with meditation practices allows for better recognition of what you have control over. Celestite crystals grant you the courage and wisdom needed for continual growth.

 crystals for busy women

Howlite Tower / Obelisk / Point

Soft, soothing, and ever ready to tempt you back off the emotional ledge, Howlite is all about tempering the storm. Howlite is a stone of patience and perspective, for those who feel they need to slow it down, absorb, and clear the constant stream of chatter from the mind, it’s a crystal that marries you to a more mindful way of life.

Above everything it is an amazingly calming stone, ever ready to slow down the heartbeat, cool calamitous tempers, and show you the way of wisdom. It’s gentle vibration connects and flows, raising your own awareness and granting you clear vision. 

If you often find your mind is filled with a constant stream of noise, then Howlite is here to bring a spot of calm and contemplative silence - perfect for a retreat!

crystals for busy women

Ocean Jasper Crystal Tower / Obelisk / Point / Wand & Natural Ocean Jasper Crystal Point

 Ocean jasper stones manifest positive feelings and filter out stress. This lovely blue crystal is perfect for anyone who needs to promote positivity or create a safe space for clear communication.

Ocean Jasper Meaning

Ocean jasper is a stone of joy and high spirits that lifts the veil of negativity and welcomes positivity. It supports you in your journey to develop healthier habits and rid yourself of self-defeating behaviors. 

The light, playful energy of ocean jasper stones combine wonderfully with the healing properties of smoky quartz and the enchanting energy of charoite

Ocean jasper supports the release of self-defeating behaviors by opening your eyes and heart to healthier habits and thought processes. Ocean jasper promotes playfulness, self-expression, relaxation, and infuses your words and creations with love and happiness. It also connects you with the physical world and helps you be content with what you have. This is the stone for if your intentions are increasing positive feelings, relieving stress and worry, living with happiness, lifting your spirits, or becoming more optimistic.

crystals for busy women

Sodalite Polished / Tumbled Stone Crystal

Sodalite helps with speaking your truth, creating harmony and inner peace, and connecting with intuition. It increases your confidence and self-esteem by helping you know yourself on a deep level, which is critical for intention setting.

Sodalite Healing Properties

Sodalite is a translucent to opaque stone that is deep blue in hue. It is typically found with white or cream streaks or in a mottled pattern. Sodalite also comes mixed with sunstone or obsidian (I have pieces that contain both). I particularly love when they have some other inclusions and hope yours do too!

Sodalite Meaning

Sodalite is able to bring a flow of calmness and peace making it easier to accomplish goals. It assists in allowing the inner truths to be spoken out loud. This stone is a stone of logic and helps to stimulate thought, therefore, Sodalite represents communication & productivity.

 crystals for busy women

Caribbean Calcite Crystal Tower / Obelisk / Point

Caribbean Calcite is a stone of spiritual awakening, transformation, and emotional understanding. An ideal stone to use in meditation, Caribbean Calcite helps us access our inner vision and connect to our higher selves, to gain a sense of purpose, a true sense of self, and begin a journey of ultimate self-discovery.

Calcite Meaning

Caribbean Calcite helps us to access our intuition as we gain insight, knowledge, and inspiration. It is a helpful stone during times of new beginnings and personal growth.

Calcite Properties

A calming stone, Caribbean Calcite encourages us to live in the present moment. It offers Relief from stress and anxiety and promotes restful sleep and lucid dreaming.

crystals for busy women

How to Cleanse Your Crystals

For cleansing, Selenite plates or slabs work well for smaller pieces. For larger geodes, a little bit of Palo Santo or ethically sourced sage works just fine.

How to Incorporate Crystals into Your Life

  • On a piece of paper, write down one area of your life you want to grow and develop. Place your crystal on top of it.
  • Meditate with a crystal in each hand to align yourself with the energy of that particular stone. This works great for smaller pieces and tumbled or raw stones.
  • For crystal towers: The shape of carved standing crystal points direct and focus energies out the termination point. These stones are excellent for raising the vibration of a location, like a room. Place the crystal point on your altar or within any sacred space to release their healing power.

    A note from Dara:

    Thank you for choosing to purchase a crystal through my site. Know that your decision is helping support a small woman-powered business. Since I work directly with wholesalers to source natural, high-quality gemstones, and crystals, shipping speeds may reflect the time and care that goes into your purchase. I’m dearly grateful for your choice to support small business owners like me and I hope that my love and energy for these stones is transferred to you. 

    Also, please note that crystals are natural, earthly objects, so the colors, shapes, and sizes of each stone will vary slightly from the photos.

    Healing Properties Disclaimer

    Information and statements related to the metaphysical benefits mentioned in our listings are not intended to replace the advice of a healthcare professional. If you have a medical condition or health concern, please speak to a licensed medical professional.

    *The information provided on this site or any of Amy's social media profiles are for educational purposes only. Please consult your physician before acting on any information given. Please take a moment to read Amy's full Health Disclaimer and Privacy Policy.

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