10 Crystals for Building Community

10 Crystals for Building Community

As a small service-based business owner, I constantly find myself craving community. 

When you’re working for yourself, it can often feel like it’s you against the world, which is totally understandable! As solopreneurs, we have seemingly endless to-do lists and conflicting priorities. It is often overwhelming and isolating.

Community is the salve for our anxieties as womxn business owners. Knowing fellow entrepreneurs, learning from their experiences, and swapping stories provide a foundation for collaboration, feedback, and mutual benefit

That’s why I decided to start a retreat business, so I could intentionally bring groups of womxn together to create space for them to share their gifts with each other; act as mentors and sounding boards for one another.

Here are 10 crystals that can help you build a community of your own:

rose quartz crystal properties

Rose Quartz for unconditional love and compassion.

Rose Quartz promotes trust and harmony in our closest relationships, purifying and opening our hearts to healing and peace. This Quartz crystal reassures us when we are experiencing doubt, anxiety or grief.

It dispels negativity in our environment, replacing it with loving energy. This serenity stone allows us to forgive others and ourselves more easily by accepting the love that is all around us, boosting our trust and self-worth.

lapis lazuli crystal properties

Lapis Lazuli for communication and connection.

Lapis Lazuli invites us to grow in our own self-awareness, to connect deeply with others through the branches of communication, and to be humble.

Lapis Lazuli makes communication more lighthearted and gentle, without taking away from our assertiveness.

When this crystal is by our side, it makes us receptive to the world around us but also helps others have a better understanding of who we are.

amethyst crystal properties

Amethyst for serene and healthy friendships.

This stone can take away the stresses and fears surrounding friendships and help you attract souls that are aligned with yours. It can help you nurture your connections with love and grace, bringing along a sense of serenity.

This calming crystal relieves anxiety surrounding relationships, allowing you to have the conversations needed and make the necessary changes. This builds strong relationships and improves on areas that can use some attention.

labradorite crystal properties

Labradorite for strengthening intuition. 

Labradorite is an extremely powerful stone that inspires self-discovery, spiritual awareness, and strengthens our intuition. This crystal resonates with multiple levels of our consciousness, while stimulating our imagination and protecting us from negative energy fields.

Labradorite is one of the best crystals for friendship as it encourages adventure and spontaneity, connecting us with higher levels of our consciousness, desires, hopes, and dreams regarding the connections we want to manifest.

aquamarine crystal properties

Aquamarine for overcoming miscommunication.

Aquamarine is a naturally soothing stone that promote healthy relationships. This crystal helps us go with the flow and enter a flow state by clearing any stresses from the mind.

It also helps to overcome miscommunications in existing friendships, relationships, and casual connections.

Pink Opal for comfort and balance.

This pink opal stone is new to my shop - added just because of the research I conducted for this article and how important it is for building community.

The soothing energies of Pink Opal can serve as a helping hand when making new friendships. This crystal promotes self-healing of emotional wounds, which can otherwise get in the way of nurturing and growing new connections.

Using Pink Opal can bring comfort when venturing outside of our comfort zone and meeting new people, while also bringing us into a balanced and hopeful state of mind.

hematite stone properties

Hematite for confidence and security.

Hematite has the ability to absorb negative emotions and energy, replacing them with strength and vitality.

The grounding nature of this crystal promotes clear thinking, confidence, and a sense of security. Hematite is a great stone to use when working to build a supportive social circle.

sodalite stone meaning

Sodalite for soothing anxiety and communicating authentically.

Sodalite is often called The Stone of Peace, and for good reason! One of the best crystals for relationship anxiety. Sodalite infuses its calm, peaceful essence into any situation where tension is high and emotions are strong.

Strong relationships are built on mutual understanding and communication. Sodalite is the perfect stone to calm anxiety and emotions so that you can communicate clearly and authentically in your relationship. This prevents you from becoming overwhelmed by what you’re feeling and saying things you don’t exactly mean.

blue lace agate properties

Blue Lace Agate for building trust and staying calm.

Known as the Stone of Loyalty, you can see where Blue Lace Agate fits in with building trust and strengthening relationships.

Loyalty implies a strong feeling of support or allegiance from someone, which goes far in creating a strong, trusting relationship. The stronger the trust is between you and your partner, friend, or family member, the stronger your relationship will be.

Trust is an area that, when improved, has a reverberating effect on other areas of the relationship. This calming, soft blue stone promotes encouragement and support of one another, adding positive elements to your relationship and increasing connection.

malachite stone meaning

Malachite for open communication and increasing quality time.

This bright green, mesmerizing stone encourages spending quality time together, one of the most effective ways to build strong relationships. 

Notice we didn’t just say spending time together, but spending quality time together. This means uninterrupted time where you have each other’s attention and can positively contribute to strengthening your relationship. This happens through open communication, relationship-building activities, or even just some quality rest and relaxation while enjoying each other’s company. 

self care for small business owners

That's it! What every small business owner should know - 10 crystals to build community. It is critical we practice self care for small business owners. So...

Are you ready to find your community?

Introducing the Bloom Retreat, a sacred space for small service-based business owners to deepen their roots and create growth opportunities. 

The core of this retreat is a strong belief that when womxn support each other, incredible things happen.

An intimate group (limited to eight participants) of service-based business owners who are seeking the same things you are: 

  • Community
  • Clarity 
  • Rejuvenation

Learn more here, and sign up for first access to our discounted early bird tickets!

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